🌿 Revisiting The Inner Child: A Journey of Understanding and Healing 🌿 For years, I thought I was dealing with ‘anxiety and depression,’ categorizing it as a disorder that needed to be controlled or eradicated. But here’s the revelation: Anxiety & Depression is what you call it, but it isn’t what it really is. What I misidentified as symptoms were actually the cries of a scared, wounded, and traumatized younger version of myself. This isn’t a disorder to be managed; it’s a call to explore and heal the deep emotional wounds that have long been overlooked. Today, I want to publicly apologize and acknowledge this younger version of me. I’m sorry for running from you, for denying your existence, and for attempting to cope through external means rather than facing our true emotional needs. Going forward, I commit to never run, deny, or seek escapism as a coping mechanism for these emotions. Instead, I promise to lend an empathetic ear, to create space for healing, and to integrate all parts of myself into a complete, loving whole. This is a pivotal step toward true self-acceptance, essential for anyone on a journey towards mental and emotional wellness. I hope this post serves as inspiration for those facing similar internal struggles. Never underestimate the power of self-reflection and inner healing. . . . . #innerchild #selfacceptance #mentalwellness #healingjourney #emotionalwellbeing #beatanxietyme ----

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